RETIRED | Carl Ducote, Fuel Transport Driver, with 45 Years of Service

St. Romain Oil is proud to announce the retirement of Carl Ducote, Fuel Transport Driver, with 45 years of service.

It's a rare occasion that…

a company is able to celebrate the retirement of a 45-year employee.

It's a rare occasion that…

an employee has worked under all 3 generations of a company's family ownership.


It's a rare occasion that…

an employee has worked for a company for more years than the current owners have even walked the Earth.


And, well... Carl Ducote is a rare, one-of-a-kind man!

Carl Ducote, Fuel Transport Driver, 1986
Carl Ducote standing next to his Peterbilt Truck at the St. Romain Oil Bunkie Plant in 1986

St. Romain Oil Co. is proud to announce the retirement of Carl Ducote, Fuel Transport Driver, of 45 years. St. Romain Oil was founded in Mansura, LA in 1970 by Edmond St. Romain, who hired Ducote at only 20 years old. At the time of his retirement, Carl was the single remaining St. Romain Oil employee originally hired by founder, Edmond St. Romain.

Ducote continued his career at St. Romain Oil under the company's second generation of ownership with Edmond's son and daughter-in-law, Todd and Sondra St. Romain. During this time, Carl saw the business change focus from primarily wholesale fuels to primarily convenience stores, eventually leading the way to Y-Not Stop.

For the last 7 years, Ducote saw the company enter its third generation of family ownership with 3 of Todd and Sondra's children: Annie St. Romain Gauthier, Nick St. Romain and Zachary St. Romain. Together as co-owners, the siblings continue to grow the company and further develop the Y-Not Stop brand.

Carl Ducote and his wife, Priscilla, share two daughters: Becky Ducote Bordelon (married to Jeremy Bordelon) and Jenny Ducote Dauzat (married to Lance Dauzat). They are the proud grandparents of Jacob Bordelon, Austin Bordelon, Emily Dauzat, and Christopher Dauzat. For the last several months, Carl has enjoyed seeing his oldest grandson, Jacob, as a Team Member at Y-Not Stop 71S near LSUA when he delivered  fuel loads there.

St. Romain Oil is thankful for Carl Ducote's 45 years of dedicated service.  Ducote has driven his fuel tanker through three generations of family ownership, growth of the company and Y-Not Stop brand, countless hurricanes, ice storms, and a global pandemic. Ducote has delivered to about 40 retail locations, including St. Romain Oil's Y-Not Stop Convenience Stores, as well as the network of fuel dealer locations. Now that he has officially "parked his truck," we hope Carl enjoys his well-deserved retirement, filled with family time and fishing!

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